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Leo Brouwers Music A Must
Cotsiolis’ arguments are still valid today, ten years later. This summer, Leo Brouwer’s music was again ‘a must’ in the repertoire of several guitar players the world over.

Young Paraguayan guitarist Tania Ramos has just embarked on a European tour. Her repertoire includes pieces by Barrios Mangoré -- considered the most well-known Paraguayan composer -- and Leo Brouwer. Ramos participated in the Gitarrentage in the German city of Friedrichrode, in Turingia and performed Brouwer’s ‘Elogio de la danza’ and ‘Un día de noviembre’.

Also in Germany, South Korean guitarist Kyu Hee Park played in Aachen. The winner of several guitar contests over the past several years, Park performed pieces by several of the world’s most prestigious composers, from Domenico Scarlatti and Federico Moreno Torroba to Lennox Berkeley and Leo Brouwer.

Mexican Ángel Goded Dealbert chose the Cuban maestro’s etudes for his presentation here in Havana this past August.

In July, Leo was the guest of honor of the 11th Semana de la Guitarra (Guitar Festival) in Petrer, Spain. At the closing ceremony, Brouwer conducted the Symphony Orchestra of Alicante in a tribute to his work. Guitarist Ricardo Gallén, considered one of the most outstanding musicians of his generation, played several of Brouwer’s pieces during the tribute.

Along with Joaquín Clerch, Gallén is considered among the best followers and performers of the music of the author of ‘Concierto de Lieja’.

Prior to his presentation in Petrer, Gallén achieved in Cordoba what music critics termed ‘a memorable performance’ of Brouwer’s Sonata, especially written for a legendary interpreter -- British Julian Bream.


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