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Cuba US Disrespects WTO Rules
Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations and to international authorities in Geneva Juan Antonio Fernandez referred in those terms to Washington's non-fulfillment of the agreements adopted in the heart of the UNCITRAL in the last two years.

"All the legal controversy has political connotations, and this case has been a proof of that," he recalled.

The diplomat also said the Section 211 attacks registration of Cuban distinctive signs, "mostly trademarks which, as it is known, play an important macroeconomic role."

"They do not respect the agreements made and promote new ones, with greater scope and high legal technical nature," Fernandez said.

He explained that we can not forget that validity of the Section 211 is closely related to the Bacardi company, which is selling rum with the Cuban Havana Club brand.

This is a forgery act, a crime allowed, promoted and legalized in the US territory, he stated.

"As some members in the previous meeting said, non-fulfillment of recommendations by the Court of Appeals also affects those sued and their interests. Cuba is demanding once again immediate abolition of the Section," he concluded.


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