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Concert for Cuban Five in New York on Saturday
The International Committee to Free the Cuban Five has organized the event and its main objective is to spread the truth in the United States about the case of the Cubans unjustly incarcerated in that country since 1998.

Among the artists who have already confirmed their participation is Puerto Rican Danny Rivera, Dominican Víctor Víctor, the group Estrellas Doradas del Jazz, also from Puerto Rico, but based in the US, and renowned actor Danny Glover.

September 12th marks the tenth year of the imprisonment of Gerardo Hernández, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González —the Cuban Five— as a result of a biased, irregularity-plagued trial held in Miami, in which extremely harsh sentences were applied.

The concert will recall the 10 years of injustice, with numerous voices in the heart of New York unmasking the dark side of the legal process and the psychological pressures to which the Cuban Five are subjected.

The concert host will be Bill Santiago, who was recently the master of ceremonies during the gala of the Latin Grammies.

A news conference is planned for September 10, convened by the International Committee to Free the Cuban Five, during which the concert and its reason for taking place will be officially announced.

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