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The old men increase in a significant way in Cuba
The increase of the age of retirement is already a debated topic in a country accustomed to youth projects and issues, and in our modest opinion, is not still mentally prepared to assume that it is necessary to resort to the “elderly” since experience counts, event to determine what has constantly called the relief.

And we refer to mental preparation because even for many self-improvement actions people younger than 30 years old are requested. There are nations that have already passed through this and had to redesign all of their strategies to widen the active potential.

Isn’t it after the 40 years old when people in many professions can do their greatest contributions for the knowledge, the experience and the acquired skills?

Wisdom for accumulated experience has been recognized by several ancient cultures in which is consulted the opinion of those who have lived the most, in order to outline a criterion about certain issue.

In our society a lot we have to learn from the veteran Primary school teachers, flawless models of pedagogical ethics and behavior, including the language.

It is a good moment to keep the balance between what begins and what have travelled along the way; between the energy of the new things and the caution of the experience.

In a place the two forces must exist: the young, always eager to initiate new projects, and the experienced that have already lived mistakes and improvisations.

It is a natural process, like watching a new plant growing under the shade of an old trunk, even more necessary in nowadays Cuba, over which the same problems of all humankind have influence, but here find a big paradox: even the children of the last peasant born in the deepest region can study any career at the university and a big part of them do not return to the countryside, which needs some arms.

Women do not want to give birth more than a child in a nation of patriarchal culture in which, despite to the laws that endorse them, have to carry a triple responsibility, sometimes more, when apart form the children they have to look after old people.

People aged 60 years old and more represent 16,6 percent of the Cuban population and in 2035 will constitute 30 percent, according to figures of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security published in the newspaper.

In 1970, in the country existed 7,1 active workers per pensioner and in 2007 there were 2,3; so in 2025 there will be 2,3. From where will come then the social security for those who have given everything and need that support?

That is the reason why the new Social Security Law, with the objective of restructuring the use of the human resources, is under debate.

The social services included in that social security and destined to improve the life conditions of people, should be also analyzed taking into account the daily domestic tensions.

They include special employment workshops for handicapped people, psychological centers for children with limitations, as well as homes for the elderly.

The society will resort to what has been so called the third age, after 60 years old, it is forced to do it for everybody’s sake; but also the State must take other measures aimed at encouraging the fecundity and the treatment to the working mother, the same that after concluding the cycle with the children must assume that of the old and sick parents.

For some decades, accidents in Cuban are among the first 10 causes of death. In the case of the elders, one of the reasons is the imprudence for ignorance, as the experts call it, who note that the not perception of risks is the commonest fact, for which suggest that not only the public health staff takes part of these issues, but the family and the community as well.

In an aging country is needed a cultivated society that respects grey hairs and whose citizens help the elderly to cross the street.

The television begins to introduce messages directed to improve coexistence with the elders, a topic from which we all should learn, since that is our future, although for the youngest the issue is as far as astronomy.

And that is what everything is about, of bringing over a topic about civil coexistence.

The wrinkles of society not only ask for make-up, but also for some good surgeries.


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