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The Cuban vocal quartet Sexto Sentido in Mexico City
The event took place in the Centre Banamex, in the Federal District, from August 3rd to 8 th , and this is the first time it is held in Latin America, with the participation of more than 25 thousand delegates: scientists, community leaders, physicians, artists, experts, activists, patients and citizens from more than 180 countries.

Sexto Sentido succeeded to move the public gathered in front of the stage in the center of the Aldea Global, where they reproduced the play Encounter with Aphrodite, which they stage every month in the Old Havana municipality, as part of a work to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
This is one of many social and cultural projects carried out in Cuba with this purpose, linked to the work of the National Center for ITS-VIH-SIDA Prevention, declared Dr. Rosaida Ochoa Soto, director of the Centre.

With their notable voices, Yudelkys, Arlety, Melvis and Eliene sang themes like “Lágrimas negras”, by Miguel Matamoros, “Come together”, by John Lennon, and “No me platiques”, by Vicente Garrido, among rounds of questions about the ways top prevent the disease. They got an animated participation of the people in the answers, with the help of Cuban specialists from the Prevention Center.
Also, they revealed the song “Tú si puedes”, composed by them, on AIDS, which was the theme for the first serial to deal with this subject in the Island.

Cuba participated in the scientific section of the 17 th Conference with a delegation of 46 members, presided over by Public Health vice-minister Luis Estruch, and made up by seven central organizations which represent all the sectors of Cuban society and show the integrating, inter-disciplinary vocation of our country to fight the disease. They made 3 scientific presentations, 6 posters, 3 audiovisuals and one spot, with a permanent stand which has been visited by 6 thousand people so far.

(EmbaCuba México)

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