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Cuban Biological Research Center Marks 16th Anniversary
In a simple ceremony to mark the date, Biocen Director Alberto Agraz highlighted the main achievements of the institution since its founding in 1992.

He noted that 20 different vaccines developed in other centers of the island are freeze-dried and packed at the center, while others are entirely produced at the facility, including some used for the treatment of myocardium infarction, thrombosis and several types of cancer.

Agraz highlighted the work of Biocen’s scientists, who have important achievements to their credit – including the first three Cuban vaccines against allergies, and the nutrional suplement Trofin, highly efficient in the treatment of anemia.

The institution’s director added that the quality of the products has been endorsed for more than a decade by ISO9000 international norms, and he expressed his appreciation for several visits to the center by World Health Organization officials and experts from several countries.


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