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Cuba Stresses Need for Changes in World Economy
Boosting South-South cooperation is the key to progress for Non-Aligned nations amid today's complex global political and economic situation, Perez Roque told Prensa Latina.

The Foreign minister noted that the Group of 77 plus China provides economic coordination for developing nations, but the Non-Aligned Movement can also contribute.

Meanwhile, the Final Declaration of the 15th NAM Ministerial Conference included a demand from all 118 members that the United States government lift its economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba and return the illegally occupied territory at Guantanamo.

Perez Roque headed his country's delegation to the NAM meeting where he received numerous shows of support and recognition for Cuba's efforts as the NAM chair, a position it has held since 2006.

Among other issues, the Non-Aligned Movement ratified its unwavering support for the cause of the Palestinian people and called for "an immediate lifting of unilateral and arbitrary sanctions" against Zimbabwe.


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