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In the Application of Natural Medicine Holguin one of the best in Cuba
Acupuncture, hypnosis, electrotherapy, yoga and electro acupuncture are among the techniques employed with the purpose of reducing the doses of analgesic with side effects and possible complications for the patient.

These techniques are also used for improving the conditions of patients in critical condition, by increasing rehabilitation therapy, mainly in cases of physical or professional disability l.

Doctors specializing in the treatment of pain with nearly two decades of experience diagnose patients affected by all kinds of discomfort, even those caused by oncological diseases.

Dr. Roberto Soto head of the facility, told AIN that along with biological medicines they are also employing traditional therapies and medicines with the objective of stimulating in patients, substances and tissue inhibitors of pain.

“The characteristics of each patient determine the specific technique to be used for the treatment,” said Soto, who pointed out other causes of pain such stemming from the environment, emotions, social conditions and genetic markers for each individual.

Natural and traditional medicine are used in Cuba in the prevention and treatment of many neurological diseases, allergies, psychiatric ills, as well as in urology, neonatology, orthopedics, rheumatology, anesthesia and surgery.


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