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The Miraculous Church in Guantanamo Cuba
The splendid diocese built by the side of the imposing religious see gave the due importance to cleaning in the solution of external and inner spaces, attained by Cuban architects in a coherent constructive language and with respectful integration in the urban context of Guantanamo city.

Both buildings overlap in harmony. The first construction was built in 1956, in the crowded Avenue of Students, where its figure, in the shape of isosceles triangle, evokes the traditional “pole in ground” construction original of Cuban peasants.

Located at the highest point in a street of compulsory reference by its pedestrian, vehicular and commercial bloom, the landscape forced architects to project a work that broke with the architecturally poor elements that surround it and caught the eye for its audacity, which brought as a result the relevant and admirable architectural product achieved.

Its creator, the Cuban architect Joaquin Sebares, broke the schemes of traditional churches with this work and put The Milagrosa in contrast with the ideals of modernity of the time.


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