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ALBA Projects Advance in Santiago de Cuba
At this moment that industry processes about 22, 000 barrels of the crude every day, and its expansion is inserted among the agreements subscribed between Cuba and Venezuela, an initiative of that integration.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency quotes the words of Reinaldo Garcia Zapata, vice-president of the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power in that eastern territory, some 800 kilometers from Havana, who announced the beginning of the assembly of houses, made of derived from fuel, in the community La Risueña, where 100 housings are going to be built with that technology.

The governmental directive spoke of the growth of the mercantile production in the territory during the first semester - by 18.6 percent -, compared with the same stage of 2007, the increase of the exports and the advances of the energy revolution. He also offered a panoramic of the efforts to continue improving the quality of the population's life.

On that matter, he mentioned the capital repair in the system of water supply to the eastern city, the revival of the gastronomy, the Baconao Park and the downtown.

In the public health Garcia Zapata highlighted the repair of 13 policlinics, the assembly of modern equipments for diagnosis and therapeutic use, the construction of 38 physiotherapy rooms, houses for grandparents and maternity homes.

Regarding to the new programs that are consolidated with the work of the Revolution there are more than a thousand works in the field of educational, culture, sport, tourism, science and agriculture.


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