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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Salutes Moncada Deed
Our salutation to you, and to Fidel, to commemorate that heroic deed in which Cuban revolutionaries showed the world their example of rebelliousness against injustice and oppression, said Ortega in his message.

Fifty-five years after that heroic deed, Ortega noted, Cuba continues to wage new battles for justice, for peace, for socialism, for a world truly full of humanity, which may guarantee the wellbeing and prosperity of the peoples of the world.

The Nicaraguan president expressed gratitude for "the unconditional solidarity that the people, the Government and the Communist Party of Cuba have given and give our people; the same way they do anywhere on the planet."

Ortega added that we Nicaraguans "are beside the people of Cuba and its government, also fighting indefatigably to achieve that the five Cuban antiterrorist patriots, who are unjustly held in the empire's dungeons, return to their Homeland again."

He also demanded an end to aggressions and the blockade imposed by US governments.


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