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Las Tunas Workers Welcome Rebel Day in Cuba
As in the other provinces of the country, the inhabitants of this territory offered their effort mainly in the preparation of lands, the sowing of sugar cane, the cultivation of vegetables, and grains in the eight municipalities of the province, 690 kilometers to the east of Havana.

Luis Cordovi, official of the Cuban Workers Federation in Las Tunas, stated that some of those mobilized people will help to elaborate candies.

Teachers and other workers of the teaching field, together with the neighbors, furnished the schools in views to the next school year, and they also guaranteed a better protection to the students' books.

Inspired by the example bequeathed by the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, the day of voluntary work also helped to boost the construction of housings and other high-priority works.

Cuba celebrates the 26th of July, the National Rebel Day, because in equal date 1953 Fidel Castro, maximum leader of the Revolution, headed the assault to the garrisons Moncada (Santiago de Cuba) and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (Bayamo), action that began the new stage of fight of the Cubans for their full independence and social well-being.



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