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President of the Cuban parliament said Parliament Society Means More Democracy

Alarcon delivered a speech at the Aula Magna of the University of Havana, in the inauguration of the seminar “Fifty Years of the Cuban Revolution”, which runs through next Wednesday.

The president of the People´s Power National Assembly (parliament) explained that a democratic system guarantees a society´s institutions to play a higher role in the decisions from community level to the highest echelons of government.

Our system started to be democratic 50 years ago and at this moment of Latin American renewal, we are more each day the excreption in a world where selfishness reigns and the factors that prevent a really democratic society, he said.

He recalled all the great decisions and laws made after the triumph of the Revolution were submitted to the opinion of the people, as it will be done now with the Social Security Bill.

He explained this bill will mean social security for all, more income, possibility of having more than one job and other benefits, but before approving the law, the nation´s workers will discuss it beginning September in more than 80 thousand assemblies.

Alarcón insisted that the People´s Power is an example of advanced democracy and it is linked to the idea of justice, equality and solidarity.

We live in Latin America, at a time when real democracy is flourishing, with different projects that have common elements, he said.

Previously, Armando Hart, director of the Marti Program Office, highlighted the honor commitment to study the experience of the last 50 years of struggle which is historic due to its great lessons.

Fidel Castro has been able to make a reality the dignity of patriotic ideals proclaimed by the socialist system, he said.

Ruben Zardoya, rector of the University, David Deutschmann, president of the Ocean South Editorial, sponsor of the seminar also spoke in the inaugural session.


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