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Preservation of monuments in memory of Spanish pilots Mariano Barberan and Joaquín Colla
Technical personnel from the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey took away the coating of the bronze elements and covered them with a preservation patina, in a pyramidal column found in the Campestre casino, the greatest urban park in the country.

The maintenance of that piece that was erected in 1941 is still underway in order to celebrate tomorrow, on a differed date, in front of the obelisk, the 75th anniversary of the first flight without stopover over the widest part and least passable part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Coming from Seville, the daring aviators arrived on June 11, 1933 to Camagüey in the Cuatro Vientos plane, after traveling over four thousand 533 miles in 39 hours and 55 minutes.

The Spanish received a huge official and popular welcome. A few days later they left for Havana, from where they started a trip to Mexico, in which they disappeared.

There were different versions about this event, even that of an emergency landing on earth and the murder of the pilots.

Captain Barberán and lieutenant Collar died after falling on maritime area close to the city of Frontera, in Mexico, according to what is predicted by the most rigorous and documented investigation in relation to the tragedy, made by a dependency from the Ministry of Defense from Spain.


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