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47 Years after the US Bombardments Cuba Still Resisting
This incident opened a new page of state terrorist aggression with a failed US attempt to take over the island. Those days were a prelude to new days of death and oppression against the Cuban people, demented policies, of which those of the George W. Bush administration maybe the most merciless that have occupied the White House.

On April 13th, mercenaries trained by the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA in Cuba, sabotaged and destroyed the El Encanto department store, the largest in the City of Havana and where a worker Fe del Valle was killed.
Around those days US war ships with mercenaries and Yankee advisors were already sailing in the area ready to invade the Bay of Pigs on the night of the 17th.

Eight airplanes departed from US territory, in a formation of three, three and two. The Mission called "Linda" attacked the San Antonio de los Banos air base , the "Puma" mission machined gun Ciudad Libertad-both in Havana--, and the "Gorila" launched its lethal charge over the Santiago de Cuba airport in the southeastern part of the island.

While this happened, a mercenary landed his plane in Miami, with a single motor and afterwards handed over a statement which said that the attacks against Cuba were carried out by deserters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces. The press agencies reported this story to the word.

Afterwards it was revealed that the document had been drafted by the CIA. Events afterwards would reveal that the crewmembers of the four planes shot down over Cuba were CIA agents: Thomas Willard Ray, Leo Francis Baker, Riley W. Shamburguer and Wade Carrol Gray.

Loyal to the idea that the chiefs love to hear good news, mid morning on the 15th, the center of operations in Langley, Virginia received a preliminary report affirming that the Cuban Air Force had been totally destroyed. This victorious note made it difficult for its authors to explain how ghost planes had sunk ships and downed several B26 planes during the mercenary invasion that was defeated in just 66 hours.

This tragicomedy began in the US air base in Opa-Locka, Florida, where the CIA had transferred two previously designated puppets to occupy the post of Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the government
that the US would install in Cuba, once the Revolution was destroyed.

At the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson made himself look ridiculous when he denied the US participation in the bombings. He would continue to lie even after Cuba's Foreign Minister Raul Roa showed irrefutable proof of Washington's participation.

After suffering an air attack, the Revolutionary Government let the world know in its first communiqué that it would call on each and every Cuban to "occupy their post at the military units and work position".

The document, signed by Fidel made it clear what was the Cuban people's decision: "If this attack was to be a prelude to an invasion, the country ready to fight to resist and destroy with arms of steel any force that attempted to disembark in our land". And concluded: "The Homeland would resist any enemy attack, confident of victory¨.

The following day, at the funeral of those that died in those terrorist attacks, Fidel Castro announced the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution.

In the people's consciousness, like a bugle call, was the image of the heroic militiaman Educarto Garcia, a victim of the attack, who before dying wrote the name of Fidel with his own blood and in this way transmitted a message that multiplied the energy and revolutionary fervor to his other comrades.

Generations of Cubans have resisted new and different acts of terrorism from the US government 47 years after the victory of the Bay of Pigs invasion.


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