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In Guantanamo, Cuba The XXVIII Festival of the Caribbean honoured Mexican culture
The honoured country had a delegation of over 400 members (the biggest one in the folk event) and had a space at the Orestes Acosta Recreational Centre, where visitors and general public appreciated the different expressions that distinguish the Mexicans.

The event also included exhibitions, life performances of groups and artists, ceramic exhibitions, sculptures as well as musical performances of Cuban groups that played Mexican music that went beyond the borders of the region.

Orlando Verges, director of the House of the Caribbean, the sponsoring institution of the also called Fiesta del Fuego, highlighted the links between Cuba and Mexico since the time of the Spanish colony, during the independence war and during the last national freedom war.

At the same time, José Avilés Marín, director of cultural promotion of Yucatan, thanked the tribute made to his nation at the festival and highlighted the importance of the event, in favour of respect and in saving the autochthonous values.

About 15 countries were represented in the meeting, which was held from last 9 of July, with a theory exchange program about popular cultures, poetry workshops, book presentation, public shows and magic religious ceremonies.

The city of Guantanamo was the other venue of the festival.


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