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Analyze Cuban Fives Case in Panama Parliamentarians
Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban People's Power National Assembly, spoke of the importance of this event that counts on the atendance of legislators of almost all the countiries of the region, published Latin American News Agency.

The agenda of the gathering includes three points: solidarity with Cuba, recognition and defense of its achievements in the 50th anniversary of the Revolution and, as a main issue, the struggle for the release of the five Cubans unjustly held in US jails since September 12, 1998.

According to piece of news the Panama Deputies National Assembly president Pedro Miguel Gonzalez welcomed Alarcon at the airport and ratified the solidarity to Cuba and the support to the Cuban Five's case.

Gonzalez underlined that with the parliamentary meeting and other efforts one could get justice for these Cubans who fought against terrorism.

Alarcon and Gonzalez paid homage to the Panamanian deputy Carlos Alvarado, main promoter of the celebration of the encounter until his death last Thursday, as consequence of a heart suffering.

Cuban Deputy Magalys Llord, mother of one of the Five, Fernando Gonzalez, also attend this regional forum.


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