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In Cuba the National Association for the Blind celebrates its 33rd anniversary
One of the Association's main tasks since its creation on July 19, 1975, was the literacy campaign with the Braille system, carried out between 1979 and 1983 by ANCI and the Ministry of Education, during which 1,544 blind and visually impaired Cubans learned how to read and write -an achievement that won Cuba a UNESCO award.

Another important result was the founding of 15 special schools in all Cuban provinces and on the Isle of Youth special municipality, in order to guarantee the schooling of all children and young people in this sector in the country.

The continuity of studies has increased, which makes it possible for a larger number of students to register at universities, polytechnics and art schools and other educational centers, as well as the access to careers that used to be barred for the blind and visually impaired.

Before ANCI, which is considered a product of the Cuban Revolution, there was only one school for the blind in Havana, and the number of graduates with possibilities of continuing their medium and higher studies was very small.

(Radio Rebelde)

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