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In Las Tunas, Cuba Medical Students toward Communities
The members of this multidisciplinary brigades will visit areas characterized by family conflicts, among other behaviors and social problems, detected in studies carried out by the government in the province.

The medical assistance will include the specialties of chiropody, optometry, social rehabilitation, and dentistry, mainly.

In a parallel way the medical students will carry out different activities in favor of the health, such as educational chats, videos debates, and launchings of brochures on the illnesses of sexual transmission, the addictions and the negative influences in the behavior, as well as the benefits of a healthy and rich feeding in vitamins and minerals.

Ohter actions are the fight against harmful vectors that affect the man's health, like the mosquito Aedes Aegyptis, agent that transmits the yellow fever and dengue.

In this summer the students will also work in facilities of health that propitiate the integral formation of these youths who annually donate 15 days of their vacations and reinforce their learning this way.

The project For a Healthy Community is included inside the strategy for the development of the Student Work Brigades (BET) that has, in the medical school Zoilo Marinello, some 1, 400 members for its execution.


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