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Precocious detection of pregnancies increases with cardiovascular malformations
Dr. Carlos Garcia, who heads the program, told ACN news agency that the tests are carried out on women with 20 to 24 weeks pregnancy at policlinics throughout the country.

Fetal echocardiography assesses heart structures through several ultrasonographic views, said the specialist, who works at Havana's William Soler Pediatric Hospital.

Initially, the four chambers were studied (two ventricles and two auricles). Now, a test of the outflow of the large vessels has been added, which makes Cuba the only country carrying out such a detailed test to detect anomalies.

Garcia stressed that, thanks to these studies, the detection of prenatal congenital heart diseases has increased. In cases in which the disease is too complex, this diagnosis makes it possible for the parents to decide on abortion if they wish to do so.

If couples opt for having the baby, a fast and efficient cardio-pediatric network is created, by way of which the child will receive painstaking attention.


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