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About Che ideas is held in China a symposium
Academicians from the Institute of Latin American Studies, members of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party, members of the Chinese foreign office and experts in the region, as well as members of the Cuban Embassy in China, took part in this meeting.

Carlos Miguel Pereira, Cuban ambassador in China and Song Xiaoping, director of the Centre of Cuban Studies, delivered the opening words, in which he highlighted the ideas of Guevara that are having today an unprecedented validity.

Song indicated that the ethical values of Che are a valuable heritage of the progressive thinking of mankind, and are having, specially, a great influence in today´s world.

Professor Liu Weiguang, executive secretary of the Centre, took part in the event with a documented presentation about the influence of Che Guevara in China and the Wide knowledge there is about the Heroic Guerrilla, especially in the young population.

Chinese press has dedicated special pages to Guevara in different occasions, and even a theatre play called The Che Guevara was on stage in Beijing and other cities, with great public acceptance, he remembered.

Che has become a big inevitable cultural monument for young generations in their development and some even take his life as a psychological and spiritual support, add professor Liu.

According to professor Huan Jisu, of the Social Sciences Publishing House, the ideas of Che have awaken once again in many people the yearn for a world and a new life.

Coroner Ernesto García Fiol, Cuban military attaché in China, said in his presentation that the heroic deed of Che and the group of revolutionaries in Bolivia is the biggest proof of what the will, heroism and human greatness can achieve.

Rodolfo Lopez, member of the Cuban medical brigade in China, dedicated his presentation to the evolution of Che´s thinking from his youth until the moment when he took his new way as a guerrilla.


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