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Venezuela Contributes to the Agricultural Development of Ciego de Avila
The new supply is related to one of the projects subscribed by Cuba and Venezuela, which is being implemented in a Cuban municipality bearing the same name of the Latin American country.

This project is one of over 300 signed by both countries and comprising several sectors. It will be an employment source for over 2 200 people, mainly in agriculture, fishing and constructions.
The project has also allowed the engine replacement of a considerable number of trucks, vans and tractors, among other vehicles necessary to miscellaneous crops and cattle rising.

Pablo Castellón, president of the National Association of Small Farmers, informed that four cooperatives already have modern machines and tools to guarantee repair and maintenance works.

He also mentioned the possibility of acquiring a variety of items in the sister nation, among them, clothes, shoes, rubber boots, barbed wire, batteries and computers.

Part of the budget allocated to the project will be dedicated to the repair of roads and houses, the assembling of water pumping stations, the construction of dairies, pig farms and bio-digesters, in order to stabilize the labour force and enhance quality of life of the local residents.


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