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Sandino, Pinar del Rio largest lacustrine area
Among the most outstanding dams are Laguna Grande, El Alcatraz, El Pesquero and Los Indios.

Likewise there others with a great landscape such as Laguna del Jovero and Valle San Juan, the latter has become famous for its historic legends.

A hurricane-target land, its reservoirs show an amazing view when they are fed by the rains caused by those natural disasters, to which the population knows how to face and recover from their effects.

Engineer Basilio Osorio Pérez, specialist of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment in the territory, assured that the high amount of dams respond to the geologic characteristics of the soils.

There is a waterproof clay layer at an average depth that makes the water filter to some deeper places and form the wells.
As the most reforested plain municipality of the island, Sandino also treasures a great wealth in Guanhacabibes Peninsula, one of the six Cuban reservoirs of the biosphere, and a region with low demographic density.


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