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Sixth Iberoamerican Contest of Choreography
The jury of the event, presided over by the founder and director of the Cuban National Ballet, Alicia Alonso, and comprised of other personalities of the Author Foundation of the General Society of Spanish Author and Editors, praised the choreographic richness and use of the space in the piece.

They also praised its originality, the harmony between the musical and dance language and the set design.

Two special mentions were also granted on this occasion due to the high quality of the participating works. The mentions were awarded to “Made in Spain” and “10 minutos de pareja” (Ten Minutes as Couple) by Spanish choreographers Jose Cruz and Mudit Grau, respectively.

Choreographers from Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and Spain, participated in the contest.

Other winners of this award in previous years were Cuban Gonzalo Galguera (1998), Mexican Jaime Camarena (2002), Argentinean Jorge Amarante (2004) and Spanish Goyo Montero (2006).


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