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At One Year of the Death of Cuban Heroine Vilma Espin
The historical mountains that hosted the Segundo Frente Oriental Frank País, one of the Rebel Army Command Posts, in eastern Santiago de Cuba province, which bear witness to her fights during the last stage of the liberation war, treasure her ashes at a Mausoleum built to the martyrs of the guerrilla front.

Her memory is present at the Central Museum of the Historical Complex, where the command post of the rebel group led by Raúl Castro was located in that mountain range of eastern Cuba. There, we find items that belonged to the outstanding fighter, like her battledress, a pair of boots, handbags, photographs, and other objects.
In view of her persecution by the bloody Batista dictatorship for her underground work in her hometown Santiago de Cuba, Vilma Espín joined the Rebel Army in June 1958, to turn into the legendary guerrilla.

Her imprint can also be felt all around Santiago, particularly in a house on San Gerónimo Street, where El Quitrín Center for the Development of Handicrafts is currently located or in the houses that protected her from police persecution or where she used to meet with her companions to give the finishing touches to many risky actions.

The first anniversary of the death of Vilma Espín was marked throughout Cuba on Wednesday, especially at the Segundo Frente, where her remains have rested since June 22, 2007, in a stone of gray granite, very close to her comrades of struggle.

The organization she led until her death, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), has embarked in a process of assemblies prior to its 8th Congress.

For FMC members, Vilma is present in every task, due to her lifetime's work for the development and equality of all Cuban women.


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