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Children suffering from XP disorder visit Camagüey
Outstanding members of the Jose Marti young pioneer organization will join them to visit places of interest in the province, an agenda which includes a visit to the City Scale Model, the Ignacio Agramonte Natal House Museum and San Juan de Dios Square, among others.

This evening the visitors will visit the Palacio de la Juventud, placed in the Casino Campestre –Cuba’s largest urban park- where they will celebrate a collective birthday party and then will go to a Pioneer Scout Camp, located in the municipality of Florida.

In the evenings, these children will stay in the place where they have been accommodated in Villa Azucarera, where they exchange with art instructors and play table games.

Xeroderma Pigmentosa is caused by the lack of an endonucleases enzyme in the skin, this disorder makes that the impact of the ultraviolet rays harms much the skin of the patient. So, they must

avoid sunlight, living their lives at night.

The Jose Marti Young Pioneer Organization and the Communist Youth League have being given personalized attention to these children whose parents pay nothing for these services.

Apart from the recreational journeys, there are teachers who visit them and give them lectures at their homes.

(AIN/Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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