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Celebrates World Day against Desertification
A specialist with the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA), Alexander Santos, told ACN news agency that measures are being taken to guarantee the sustainable use of water, among them the sampling of the quality of water used for irrigation.

Work done in 2007 to reduce damages originated by forest fires made it possible to reduce areas damaged by more than 800 hectares, as compared to the previous year.

Also worth mentioning is the attention given to 14 water basins, especially Hanabanilla, Zaza, and Sagua La Grande, since these ecosystems are affected by the inappropriate use, management and exploitation of the surface.

Desertification is caused by the degradation of soils in arid, semiarid and sub-humid dry areas, the gradual loss of productivity, and the loss of thickness in the vegetation cover due to the action of man and climate variations.

Nearly one third of the earth's surface is threatened by this process, while the decrease in the availability of arable land is endangering the survival of one billion people by 2025.


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