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Arsenal of tortures used at the Guantanamo jail
In accordance with evidence, the waterboarding and other violent interrogation techniques were conceived in July 2002 at the office of then US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

The conception of those methods took place there, months before the allegedly requested authorization to apply them to prisoners, made by commanders at the US naval base, the study disclosed by The Washington Post and The New York Times concluded.

The Committee of Armed Services" investigations, part of which could be made public today, also expressed that military lawyers were concerned over the unlawfulness of those practices, which Rumsfeld ignored.

Legislators noted that some individuals tried to make believed that the abuses committed at the Guantanamo prison were doings by some “rotten apples” that acted at their own expense, but “we now know the truth,” affirmed Democrat Senator Carl Levin, leader of the mentioned senatorial committee.


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