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In Cuba 4th Sexual Health HIV Scientific Conference
The theoretical debate and the presentation of work experiences in the fields of sexual health promotion, sexology and education in sexuality, will have continuity in this conference. For over two decades sexual education has taken place in the territory.

Other topics that will be the object of discussion in the Conference are related to conscientious maternity and paternity, vulnerability and HIV, masculinity shaping, as well as violence and sexuality.

Specialists in several fields are expected to participate in the conference, among them, psychologists, doctors, jurists, sociologists, educators, social communicators, anthropologists and students of these sciences.

The Conference will show the achievements and challenges in the shaping of a healthy and conscientious sexuality, by means of appropriate methodologies, with a monitoring and evaluation system allowing for the achievement of an adequate life expectancy and the enjoyment of sexuality according to the different stages of the life cycle.  


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