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In Guantanamo Cuba 2nd National Meeting of Dance Teachers
Representatives from a dozen dance groups, including the Ballet de Camagüey Company, are participating in the event, which is sponsored by the Danza Libre Company from Guantánamo. The event is aimed at fostering debate and exchanges among artistic trainers.

The event’s program includes conferences and workshops to promote dialogue and exchange of experiences among participants, thus leading to the improvement of the different techniques and styles in dance teaching.

Also scheduled is a master lecture by National Dance Prize laureate Santiago Alfonso Fernández, who for many years now has been the director of the world famous cabaret Tropicana.

The program also includes stage productions, fine arts exhibitions, visits to historical sites in the eastern Cuban region and tours of Baracoa -- first village founded by Spanish colonialists -- and the mountainous municipality of Yateras, site of the world’s only stone-carved zoo.

The meeting of dance teachers pays tribute to prestigious US choreographer and ballet teacher Elfriede Mahler, who settled here in Cuba in the early 1960s and lived for many years in Guantánamo until her death in June 1998.

The prolific dancer founded and directed the Danza Libre dance company, one of the best exponents of artistic development in the eastern Cuban region and the school of great Cuban dancers, who have represented the island on several of the most prestigious world stages.

Since its foundation, Danza Libre has developed an artistic line based on both, contemporary and folk dances –the only one of its kind in Cuba.


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