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Vanessa Redgrave to premiere film in Cuba
In the drama The Fever, the talented interpreter of Isadora Duncan, Julia, Camelot and Crime in the East Express, among other important titles, plays the role of a woman who gets involved in politics without any knowledge on politics.

In the film, directed by Carlo Nero, son of the famous Italian actor Franco Nero (Django, Tristana, Camelot, Rednecks, Die Hard) work Angelina Jolie, Michael Moore, Joely Richardson (daughter of Vanessa , and the deceased Tony Richardson) and the excellent Rade Serbedzija (Snacht, The marksman).

This is the second trip to Cuba of the famous actress, the first one was in year 1961, with her then husband, Tony Richardson.

Vanessa Redgrave was born on January 30, 1937 in London fruit of the marriage between actors Michael Redgrave (1908-1985) and Rachel Kempson (1910-2002). She inherited, like her brother Corin Redgrave and her sister Lynn Redgrave, certain pleasure for the world of interpretation as well as a likeness to progressive ideas.

She entered the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and in the Royal Shakespeare Company, with premieres like The Lady of the Sea and The Seagull. The second characteristic would be materialized in a long life of political militancy and filiations with Marxist organizations.

Around that time Vanessa married the director Tony Richardson who would make her the mother of Joely and Natasha Richardson.

When she received the Oscar for Julia (1977) of Fred Zinneman, Israelis fundamentalist protested the fact that she supported the Palestinian cause and in her thanking speech Vanessa said:

"Dear colleagues: I wanted to say thanks. I think Jane Fonda and I have made the best work of our lives. I greet you from here and I pay tribute for not getting intimidated by the threats of a group of Zionist murderers whose behavior is an insult to the true size of Jews of the world. And I promise you that I will keep on fighting against anti-Semitism, oppression and fascism."

After keeping a distance from political activities in the late XX century, by year 2001 she returned to, her other love, the social fight.

In 2002 she declared that Guantanamo was a concentration camp. The following year, angered by the Iraq War, she refused to attend the Oscar ceremony to receive a joined homage to all the award-winning interpreters and she stayed in the United Kingdom founding The Peace and Progress Party with her brother Corin Redgrave.

Now she returns to Cuba, country which she has defended all her life, since when she was already rich and famous she sang in the streets of London the Guantanamera, in homage to Che Guevara.


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