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Cultural promoters in Cuba Stars in the communities
This movement in which were born the cultural promoters to favour the social and cultural development in the communities started over a decade ago and from that moment on they prepare and organise people of the communities with skills and flair to assume this challenge that is today a beautiful reality. This way is facilitated he spiritual development of the own promoters and of the general population from the neighbourhoods.

Some examples of these initiatives in Guantánamo are the projects: Lo que enseña mi comunidad sobre las vigencias culturales (What my community teaches about the cultural validities), Rescate de la música afrocubana (Rescue of the afro cuban music), Por el rescate de nuestras tradiciones (For the rescue of our traditions), La comunidad en acción )comunita in action) and Necesidades de la comunidad de Cane para elevar el nivel de vida de sus pobladores (The needs of Cane community to increase the life level of its people) among many others.

Nowadays the province has 697 cultural promoters, in every Popular Council and difficult access zones oft Turquino Plan for the comprehensive development of the mountains.

The young people that are part of this experience carry a great vacation for culture, motivation and sensibility. All these qualities together to the communication facilities and the academic preparation, help to assume, with a high level of professionalism the staging of theatre works, the formation of soloists and small format musical groups, the creation of different modalities workshops, education talks, conversations and many other proposals.

A special emphasis has the work with children, to whom the promoters transmit values ad ethical and aesthetic principles of the Cuban and universal culture.

The stated work allows the province to show a cultural offer with a wider variety in every territory, especially in the fixed spaces. Among them it is worth mentioning: : Peña del Changüí Chito Latamblé, Peña del danzón Alturas de Simpson, La rumba en el barrio, Promocionando mi tradición, En contacto con la naturaleza, Artesanía y amor, Bajo el framboyán, El parque de todos, Té para un abuelo, Changüiseando en el barrio, Café, poesía y música, Noche de tradición y Los niños cuentan sus historias.

Their community work in every corner of our province is visible and nobody is excluded from this mixture of happiness, culture and tradition that reaches everybody, through the organization of different activities.

Even though their work is not yet sufficient to satisfy the expectations, tastes and preferences of different public, this movement is getting stronger every day and is destined to become, together with the institutional cultural system, the driving force of the social and cultural development.

(Radio Guantánamo)

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