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New Cuban Anti-Retroviral Combination for AIDS Patients
In exclusive statements to ACN news agency, the technical director of Novatec Laboratories, Marlen Espino, announced that the combination of the drugs lamivudin, estavudin and nevirapin (tablets) — whose active principle is imported— reduces the amount of tablets administered to  patients, as well as their frequency in repeated doses during the day.
At present, there are different treatments and combinations of medicines used, with some patients having to use up to four products daily of doses ranging from 150 to 400 milligrams, she pointed put.
The deputy director of Havana’s Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), Dr. Jorge Perez, said the six Cuban anti-retroviral products, of proven efficiency and effectiveness since they appeared on the market in 2001, have shown similar results as compared to those produced by leading companies.
A five-year study carried out in Cuba showed that their application in patients infected by HIV-AIDS made it possible to achieve a more than 70 percent reduction in the incidence of the so-called opportunistic diseases, that are more than 600, added the director.

(Radio Habana Cuba)

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