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International Convention on Engineering Begins in Cuba
Specialists from the Cuban Union of Engineers and Architects told ACN that one of the topics to be discussed during the meeting, that will take place until next Friday, is the active role of Engineering in the peoples’ sustainable development.

They added that they will also analyze topics that will be on the agenda of the 31st Convention of the Pan American Union of Engineers and the World Convention of Civil Engineers, scheduled for Brasilia next December.

The program of this International Convention on Engineering in Varadero includes analyses of themes such as civil engineering, the integral use of water, information and communication technologies, risks and mitigation of natural and industrial disasters, and energy and the environment.

Some 300 delegates, including engineers, researchers and university professors, are attending the event.

Angola, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Turkey and Venezuela are some of the countries represented in the meeting.


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