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In Cuba Pinar del Rio runs program against forest fires
It comprises an early surveillance system in cooperation with the Foresters Department, actions of environmental education in the communities, as well as research projects by forest enterprises, agronomy polytechnics, the Forest Station and Hermanos Saíz University.

Forest fires may be caused accidentally or spontaneously, the latter occur mainly due to drought effects and the heat of the resins, so the prevention models created in meteorological stations of the local range turn out to be significant.

These methods consist on a systematic monitoring of the principal climate variables of temperatures, the winds and the possible presence of natural inflammable matters; hence a deep analysis determines the zones of danger.

Precisely, to those vulnerable areas are aimed the air observation tours, with the consequent reduction of fuel, since the flights are mostly focused on the high risk areas, according to the forecasts.

Pinar del Río has 39, 9 percent of its surface covered by forests.


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