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Artistic Group Maraguán Returns from Chile and Prepares for New Premiere
The event was sponsored by Chile’s National Folk Dance Company (BAFOCHI), with which Maraguán share on stage on numerous occasions.

Some 50 thousand people enjoyed some 15 presentations by the Cuban company in Viña del Mar, La Serena, El Galpón, the master lecture hall of the Bernardo O’ Higgins military school, the Víctor Jara Foundation and also on Chilean national television, where Maraguán appeared on two TV programs –one of them broadcast live to different nations in Europe and the Americas.

The group’s presentations in Viña del Mar took place at the municipal theatre, which Maraguán’s director and choreographer, engineer Fernando Medrano described as an architectural masterpiece.

The Cuban artistic group will celebrate its 27th anniversary next November.

Medrano Vireya explained that what impressed him the most was the audience response to his group’s presentation at the closing activity, held at the La Arena coliseum in Santiago de Chile, with capacity for 15 thousand people

At the El Galpón theatre, the Cuban group performed ‘Cubanísimo’ and ‘Homenaje’, which they dedicated to the diplomatic corps accredited there.

Participating groups at the 1st International Folklore Festival ‘From the End of the World’ included also folk dance groups from the host nation, Chile, and others from Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

Medrano offered master lectures on the influence of Cuban folk dance on the artistic movement at Chilean universities, particularly the Chilean Folk Dance Academy BAFOCHI. Members of the Cuban artistic group gave several practical lessons.

This was Maraguán’s first travel to Chile, where they made lots of friends. The group was officially invited to return for the 2nd International Folklore Festival ‘From the End of the World’, set for next year.

Chilean authorities and Cuban diplomats in Chile sent letters to Cuban authorities at the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Communist Party in Camagüey, praising the group’s high artistic value and excellent performance at the event.

The group’s program included several dance pieces, among them: ‘Cubanísimo’, ‘Jamaica’, ‘Homenaje’, ‘Por los campos de mi Cuba’ and ‘Caribe soy’.

On June 13th, Maraguán will present the preview of their latest work ´Congos Trinitarios’, based on a research into the African influence, particularly the Congo, on Cuban culture. The show will have its premiere one day after, on June 14th, at the main theatre in Camagüey.

On June 17th, the group will embark on a three-month European tour that will take them to Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. The Cuban group will participate in some 15 folk dance festivals.

Maraguán won the Gold medal at last year´s International Folkdance Festival "Fests of the wine", in Dijon, France.


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