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Cuban GM Continues Second at Sarajevo Chess Tournament
Dominguez (2,695 ELO and best Latin American player) moved to 4.5 units after beating Russian Artyom Timofeev playing black pieces in a Najdorf variation of the Sicilian Defense. Timofeev (2,664) tried to attack his opponent's king by exchanging a tower for a bishop but failed and gave up on move 41.

Morozevich (2,774) showed why he ranks third in the world by beating host Borki Predojevic (2,651) in 44 moves of a Slavic Defense. This is his third consecutive victory and fifth win of the tournament, which he leads with 6 units.

The other match on Friday had Slovakian Sergei Movsesian (2,695) as winner over Dutch Ivan Sokolov (2,690) after 55 moves using the Slavic Defense.

After the results on Friday, Morozevich and Leinier are followed by Movsesian with 3.5 units, Sokolov and Timofeev with 2.5, and Predojevic trailing in the standings with 2 units.

Saturday matches feature Leinier (white) against Sokolov, Morozevich (black) versus Movsesian, and Timofeev(black) taking on Predojevic.


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