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British Fights US Base of Guantanamo, Cuba Death Row
Binyam Mohamed, 29, sent a letter to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to help put an end to his six years in prison where, he affirmed, he has suffered terrible abuses without a trial.

The last British resident at the US jail denied any link with terrorism, and affirmed that the only evidence is of tortures by US military who interrogated him at a prison in Morocco.

"I have been imprisoned without a trial by the US for six years, one month, and 12 days, and no fair trial is at sight," the letter reads.

The document also criticizes British authorities of giving personal information to US forces, and their refusal to provide evidence that he was tortured.

The Ethiopian-born prisoner, a British resident since 1994, affirmed he feels betrayed by British authorities, and did not rule out suicide as an end to his suffering.


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