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Intensive pediatrics outstands in Pinar del Rio territorial hospital
Last year the net mortality rate was 1,1 and in the first trimester of the present year it was zero, with a similar record of infections acquired after the admission.

To doctor Jorge Enrique Álvarez, first degree specialist in Pediatrics, such parameters are the result of a team work by a responsible and reliable medical staff.

The walls of this ward -noted- enclose almost 25 years of assistance to nearly five thousand children from 28 days of birth to 18 years old, mainly suffering from complex respiratory conditions, convulsive, neurological and bacterial syndromes, and accidents as well.

Several members of the staff, trained in the very center of teaching category, have accomplished or remain active in internationalist missions in countries were we show the challenges of a paediatrician: sensitivity, rigour, knowledge and love to save a life, he said.

Doctor Jorge Enrique Padrón highlighted the systematic reduction of the admissions in the last three years, with respective reports of 247, 203 and 179 patients, a sign of the quality of primary health attention and pediatrics in the timely diagnosis of the illnesses.

By initiative of the hospital an infant emergency ward functions as well, in charge of receiving, preparing and transferring high risk emergencies to the intensive care ward, which has new beds, a state of the art air conditioning SERVO-I, ultrasound and electroencephalograph equipments.

Inaugurated by Fidel on March 1982, the hospital Comandante Pinares assists the population of five eastern municipalities of Pinar del Río in 24 services, including the diagnosis by computerized axial tomography.


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