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Since assuming the post of Minister of Industries in 1961 Che dreamed of the idea of creating several research centers and, very specially, one on the development of sugar cane byproducts, explained a recent report released by ICIDCA in commemoration of the 45th anniversary, May 23, of the founding of this center by Che Guevara.

Che stressed the perspectives of the new center and clearly foresaw the importance of what we could call the second generation of technologies.

The future of ICIDCA, he said, "is in the ever growing emphasis of the processes of fermentations that can offer the institute an advanced technology in this aspect."

Today the advances of this and other institutions related to these techniques are a clear expression of his ideas.

"We should develop home grown technology, from our own raw materials, our cultural environment for Cuban and international markets, the highest technology can offer," he said.

Che Guevara not only foresaw some features of today ó s biotechnology but also predicted the importance of sugar cane by products that will become, in time, as important as sugar.

During these 45 years the ICIDCA has covered several moments in its mission to contribute to the development of diversification of the agro-industry.

It reported important scientific results, production knowledge átransfer, designed development strategies, computer science models achieved through the dedication of its workers.

Sugar cane is an energy supplying nutrient, as sugar for the direct consumption by humans or through byproducts in animal feed or transformed into energy and protein sources of food.

Through biotechnology and by products important amounts of nutrients or supplements can be achieved for animal feed.

Further developments of this center are involved in production of food products for agriculture such as stimulants, supplements, by products that boost crops.


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