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35-member Team of Cuban Doctors to Assist Earthquake Victims in China Includes 3.5 Tons of Medicine and Equipment
Jose Rodriguez, head of the team, said that all the members of the Cuban brigade have experience in working with victims of natural disasters. They have taken part in many international aid operations, such as that to help the victims of the tsunami that affected southeastern Asia and the devastating earthquake in Peru.

"When the members of the Cuban brigade heard in the news about the powerful earthquake that stroke Sichuan, they felt very sad. They want to do their best to help in the rescue operations," said Jose Rodriguez.

China also accepted medical assistance from Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan, countries which also sent teams of doctors to the affected areas.

The number of dead people as a consequence of the powerful earthquake last week rose to 55,239 in Sichuan alone, according to reports on Friday at 7:00 pm. The earthquake also left 281,066 people injured and another 24,949 missing.

Fuente Latin American News Agency

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