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Closing session of the 4th International Congress on Satisfactory Longevity in Cuba
At the closing session of the 4th International Congress on Satisfactory Longevity, Selman-Housein launched his book Como Vivir 120 años (How to Live 120 years) that teaches how to lead healthy aging.

The 72-hour event also discussed, among other, aging and handicap, living standards, health, biotechnology and natural life.

At the opening, Concepcion Campa, director of the Finlay Institute, noted that Cuba's vaccination program that protects against 14 diseases and eliminated a sizable group of diseases.

Cuba eradicated polio, malaria, smallpox, chickenpox, new-born tetanus, diphtheria and meningoencephalitis over 40 year ago through vaccination campaigns.

The Island has developed nine vaccines, and the World Health Organization accredited antimeningitis BC which 21 countries already registered and administered 60 million doses.

Campa also mentioned a vaccine to fight Haemophilus influenzae, the first developed through chemical synthesis.


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