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This eastern province of Las Tunas achieved the second lowest childeren's mortality rate in Cuba, 1.95
Viviana Gutiérrez, head of the program for children and mothers, stated that this success is possible due to the new reorganization of the Doctor's Program for the Family, the services to the newly born and to the maternal homes, where they receive special cares.
Obstetricians and pediatricians in the system of Primary Cares of the Public Health in Las Tunas have helped so that the eight municipalities achieved zero mortality rate.

More than two decades ago, Las Tunas figured as the province of the highest childeren's mortality rate, with more than 13 per each thousand born. However, in 2007 it concluded with a rate of 4.4, much better than several developed countries.

This is also possible due to the solid work of the System of Public Health in Cuba -free for the whole population- and the strict control to the pregnant women who receive 17 diagnosis as average during their pregnancy.

In Cuba 99.9 percent of the women give birth in the hospitals and maternal centers, while the children receive careful cares and diagnosis to determine the possible existence of endocrine-metabolic illnesses.


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