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Cuban Ambassador to UN Rodrigo Malmierca demanded strong actions
In a speech on Human Security as part of discussions in the General Assembly on Thursday, the Cuban diplomat rejected attempts by some countries to impose and implement ambiguous concepts.

In his opinion, these concepts might be turned into easily manipulated instruments against the sacred principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs of States.

We are not calling on the international community or the United Nations to watch impassive the needs of human beings, including their legitimate aspirations of security, said Malmierca.

On the contrary, "we are again demanding decisive, urgent action to find fair, lasting solutions to increasing problems affecting security of humankind."

According to Malmierca, human security will be just an empty rhetorical phrase if conditions of underdevelopment and poverty under which four fifths of humanity live are not rectified and if 1.10 billion people are not released from extreme poverty.

There won't be human security if political manipulation of human rights continues, if selectivity, partiality and double standard are not stopped and economic, social, cultural rights are not recognized, he added.


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