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Cuba: Pinar citizens defend the environment with less pollutant load
The above mentioned data were reported by MSc. Ana Belkis Martínez Torres, director of the Environment Unit of the CITMA, who reviewed the main achievements of the institution in commemoration of the coming June 5th.

To reach the enumerated percentages, it was necessary the construction and restoration of several treatment systems, in order to reduce the emissions of pollutant loads in dairy plants, coffee pulpers, La Coloma fishery plant and five pig breeding units.

In addition to their contribution in defense of the environment is the systematic increase of the forest activities, providing the province of 39, 7 percent of woods; 31 400 hectares of degraded soils have been benefited and Moka Hotel revalidated its certification in the strategy for national environmental recognition.

Among the projections for year 2010, Pinar del Río stated its four main problems: degradation of the soils for the erosion and salinization; liquid residuals pollution mostly coming from settlements, biodiversity loss due to brush fires and invasive species that affect ecosystems, and the climate change.

The fourth problem to be solved is the poor integrated management of hydraulic resources due to the obsolete hydraulic networks and other difficulties that require great investments.

As part of the advances is included the introduction of cleaner production practices: the saving of raw material, water and energy, in eight pig breeding units and the citric plant Citrus SA. Likewise the reduction of gas emissions to the atmosphere in the dairy plant of Bahía Honda and other centres has been reduced.

With the motto "Give the planet a break", the commemorative event for the World Environment Day will take place in San Cristóbal municipality June 2nd.


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