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Russian Duma Vice President Ivan Melnikov called the US anti-Cuba actions political and Psychological attacks.
The Russian legislator defined the above as continuity of the line imposed after the collapse of the socialism in Europe and the Soviet Union towards the ex Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

He reminded that such US actions violate international laws and called to resort to every legal and political means to rein the US whose support to democracy at other countries he called hypocrite and failing policy of pressures.

Melnikov refuted US accusations reminding "that the right to life is the top human right and Cuba guarantees the right to education, health, to work and to rest," plus its leading world scores on lifespan and infant mortality.

The also professor and Mathematics PhD. holder said the White House tries to influence public opinion and project an image to win over anti-Cuba support.

So the task of honest people is to counter such actions by the US Administration through every possible means in addition to international forums.

The drive reminds the flagrant violation of US laws in jailing the five Cuban antiterrorists while it shelters terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, an issue we have exposed at the European Legislative Assembly.

Melnikov reaffirmed the Russian legislators' solidary support regardless of ideological lean and assured that anti-Cuba slanderous drive will fail.


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