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In Canada: Cuban Rap Star Telmary Diaz
In Canada, Telmary has found an audience very receptive to her art and that is why she will give several performances there during the months of May and June. Her participation is also expected at the Cuban carnival in London.

On May 9th, she performed at Torontos Lula Lounge, on June 7th, at Club Parachute, as part of the Luminado Festival and on May 27th, at the Art of Jazz, sharing on stage with Canadian Jane Bunnet.

On June 29th, she is to give a concert in the framework of the Cuban carnival in London, an event that has taken on special significance over the past several years with the presence of some of the best exponents of Cuban music.

Telmary began her artistic career as a member of the rap group 'Free Hole Negro. She was later considered one of the most charismatic members of the group 'Interactivo, with whom she recorded the CD "Goza Pepillo".


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