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Three Leaders in Capablanca Chess Tournament
Khenki (2, 609 Elo rating) defeated with white pieces the host Walter Arencibia (2, 534) in 53 moves of a Ninzoindia defense, to enjoy his second success and to complete five units of eight possible, while Amonatov (2, 625) also reached that score, after defeating the Cuban Jesús Nogueiras (2, 559), in 35 movements of an Indian defense of King with the blacks.

Leinier (2, 695) tied with his compatriot Lázaro Bruzón (2, 608) in hardly 14 moves of Queen's gambit, and besides sharing the summit he will need to win his next game, in order to keep his Elo rating.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that Holden Hernández (2, 568) could not achieve his superiority in fromnt of the European champion Dutchman Sergei Tiviakov (2,634), match that finished shared.

The national champion Yuniesky Quesada (2, 567) and the Polish Radoslaw Wojtaszek (2, 625), tied the match in only 13 moves of a Petrov defense.

Holden closed this date with 4.5 following the leaders and first than Tiviakov (4), Nogueiras (3.5), Wojtaszek (3.5) and Walter (3.5), Yuniesky (3) and Bruzón (3).


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