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Cuban National Hero José Martí Is Always Present
His great merit: the right combination of veteran paitriots who fought in the war for the independence of 1868 with hardened Cubans of the 1895.

After Martí organized the armed insurrection and gave the order of uprising in the whole Caribbean nation for February 24, 1895, he determined to occupy a position in the cavalry and to take the weapons up, willing to offer his life to conquer the freedom.

Faithful to his principles, he rides on May 19. He had already said: "Who wants to give orders, he must be part of the cavalry". Martí, unquestionable leader of that armed uprising, spurred his horse to reach the vanguard of the troop that rushed against the Spanish colonial forces.

The generalissimo Máximo Gómez tries to discourage him, but he was not able to. The lieutenant Ángel de la Guardia rides beside the General José Martí. They both are exposed in excess to the enemy bullets and three projectiles impacted on the Martí, one of them was deadly.

The Spanish troops exhibited his cadaver as trophy of war, but anyway te seed of freedom, wisely sowed with ideas of patriotism and of independence, would continue germinating through the time and in the battling of the Cubans.

Sixty-four years later a radiant sun on January 1st, 1959, broght the definitive independence of the Homeland with the victory of the Rebel Army, commanded by Fidel Castro and by the ideas of José Martí.

This way his fall in Dos Ríos didn't impede, neither will impede that his ideas continue the unstoppable riding, while his permanent presence has been stimulus and guide for the freedom fighters.

This May 19 once again his compatriots will place the traditional white roses on tomb of the National Hero, at the cemetery Santa Ifigenia in Santiago de Cuba.

... And wherever there is a honest Cuban, an expert in his history, will surely have a thought of gratefulness toward Martí, a man that continue accompanying us with his lucid and fruitful verb in the new battles and the daily zeal of preserving the national sovereignty.


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