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Cuban Parliament Sets up Food and Agriculture Commission
Addressing the 30-member commission, Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon recalled that food scarcity will further increase, as food prices will too; therefore, he said, new formulas and working methods are necessary, as well as the use of intelligence to wage the current battle in that field.

Food production is strategic for the country, said Alarcon and noted that US imperialism intends to force the Cuban people starve to death by denying them access to resources and making their lives much more difficult through its criminal economic blockade.

The new parliamentary commission has been set up as Cuba is strengthening, transforming and changing all that must be changed, except its independence and that fact reveals the importance of putting aside all hurdles that may hinder the development of productive forces, said the Cuban Parliament President.

Alarcon also called on Cuban parliamentarians to closely follow and control collective efforts to achieve larger and higher quality productions in the benefit of Cuban society. He warned that food is now a universal problem posing the most serious tragedy on the world population, which if added the problems facing a planet where the
climate changes for the worst, food production becomes even more crucial.

As other parliamentary commissions, the one set up today has temporary character as it will work until next Wednesday at the Conventions Hall.

Commission members will be informed with details about the performance of economic sectors such as the ministries of fisheries, agriculture, sugar, and the food industry. They will als report on their working relations with local peoples power (local government) offices.


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